EspressoDECKespressoDECK adds a whole new dimension to the coffee making process for both the customer and the barista. It enhances the visual experience and allows a more intimate setting around the espresso coffee preparation area. Barriers associated with conventional espresso machines have been eliminated.

The espressoDECK is available in 1, 2 and 3 group versions and all are suitable for the most demanding commercial environments. The heavy duty 3mm thick 304 stainless steel body can be delivered in polished stainless steel, electroplated finishes such as copper and brass or in a range of custom powder coated colours. Installation is a simple drop-in process.

As the espresso industry seeks innovations to secure a point of difference, espressoDECK offers espresso bars and cafes the leading edge in both style and quality in the cup.

  • Patented Easy-to-Install "drop in" installation system
  • Efficient element power to water volume allowing rapid steam recovery
  • Abundant steam pressure with two steam wands on the 2 and 3 group versions
  • One steam wand and one manual hot water tap on the 1 group
  • External commercial pump and motor for quiet smooth operation
  • User friendly programming via on board micro processor and LED touch pad
  • Programmable electronic pre-infusion option
  • E61 group head with volumetric control
  • High group heads for larger takeaway cups
  • Consistent temperature utilising the natural E61 thermosyphonic system
  • Extra deep porta filters for the larger coffee baskets
  • Ergonomic any direction flick valves
  • Portion control hot water on 2 and 3 group versions
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