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Australian Craftsmanship, Global Excellence

Meet the espressoDECK, where innovation blends with tradition. Discover the world’s first patented recessed espresso coffee machine, trusted by industry professionals and bringing the barista and customer closer together. Designed and built in Australia by Jason Marks.

The espressoDECK is a commercial-grade machine, available in 1, 2, and 3 group head versions, suitable for the demanding environments of busy cafes as well as homes looking for quality and minimalist design. With its traditional E61 group head, optimal boiler size, and large heating element, it ensures consistent espresso and abundant steam. The machine’s drop-in installation and ergonomic design make it simple to install, operate, and service, and its high-quality components guarantee reliability.

Elevate your coffee experience with espressoDECK, where style, simplicity, and quality meet. Get in touch — we distribute worldwide.

About Jason Marks

Meet Jason Marks: A Pioneer in the Coffee Industry

Jason Marks has over 25 years of experience within the coffee industry. In the early years, he worked for a number of large coffee companies in Sydney.

Back in 1994, when pulling an espresso machine apart for the first time, he wondered why all the components needed to be on top of the bench, between the customer and the barista? That was when the espressoDECK seed was planted!

Jason is an Australian guy who entered the workforce at the age of 14. He went on to develop a great interest in coffee roasting and packing, coffee making and espresso machines.

He has been an independent service technician in Sydney since 2001, servicing various brands of espresso machines and coffee grinders. This has allowed him to build a rich knowledge and establish a reputation of quality and reliability within the industry.

espressoDECK will be a trusted partner to your project

  • Would you like to stand out from the crowd and create an environment where baristas and customers can engage?

  • Are you looking for an espresso coffee machine that will provide consistent espresso shots and steam pressure?

  • Are you tired of dealing with overcomplicated, hard to operate and maintain espresso equipment?

See What Our Clients Has To Say

"When holding a corporate event, standing out from the crowd is not only important, it's key to success. Our espressoDECK based coffee cart system not only makes an amazing coffee but stands out from the crowd like nothing else in this space. Everyone from passionate coffee enthusiasts to occasional coffee drinkers are intrigued by the design and functionality of the espressoDECK."
Michael Wilcock
- Cafe in a Box Pty Ltd
"In a sea of boring rectangular boxes, espressoDECK was the natural choice when choosing a coffee machine to be installed in a high profile tech company in the city. Not only is the espressoDECK a stunning looking machine but performs in ways we had not expected before installation. Fantastic espresso was a given, however the interaction between barista and customers without a large box on your counter truly makes the coffee preparation a more personal experience. The after sales commitment to you is also second to none, you're treated more like a part of the family rather than just another number on a spreadsheet."
- Auntie Knows Best Pty Ltd at IBM Sydney CBD
"The espressoDECK is simple, speedy, and fun to use. We always pull rich and consistent shots, even capturing a bit of the nuanced flavours of our premium roasted coffee. Perhaps most impressive, the espressoDECK can generate silky milk froth that will rival the best drinks around town, it’s so quick and fast."
Justin Orozco
- California Coffee and Wine Co. - Manchester - UK
"Congratulations espressoDECK for thinking out of the box. Not just a beautiful machine this is very efficient too. espressoDECK machines make our life easy with low maintenance and durability. Silo Espresso team and customers appreciate your hard work."
Adriano and Marcelo Vieira
- Silo Espresso - Manly - Australia
"WOW, this was my first impression of the espressoDECK! What an incredible piece of equipment. Slick, powerful and all-rounder head turner. I have been using the espressoDECK for a few years now on a daily basis as a Café’s machine and also to train my students on. Every student I get is amazed by its beauty. Jason and Jo are so easy to deal with and are super passionate about their machines. Love your work."
Lee Proctor
- Coffee Academy - Sydney
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