Meet the espressoDECK

The first recessed espresso coffee machine | espressoDECK

espressoDECK is the very first patented recessed espresso coffee machine created in Australia by Jason Marks. Check out this video to learn the history and discover how this espresso coffee machine came about!


How to unpack the espressoDECK commercial coffee machine in this unboxing video!


Learn how to install the recessed commercial espresso coffee machine! 

Starting Up

In this video we show you how to use a commercial espresso coffee machine. 

Features and Components

In this tech video, Jason Marks goes over the key components and main features incorporated in the espressoDECK design.

Cleaning the Groups

How to clean a coffee machine? Check this tutorial to learn the cleaning step-by-step of an espressoDECK 

Tech Playlist 1

Servicing the Steam Tap O-rings
Replacing Group Head Switches
Replacing the Anti-Vacuum Valve
Servicing the Group Head
Replacing Group Solenoid Valve

Tech Playlist 2

Installation of Pump & Water Filter
Switch the Pre-Infusion Feature on & off
Replace Hot Water Valve and Computer Fuse
Unblocking E61 Group Head
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